Address Verification for Public Awareness

PHMSA requires all pipeline operators to implement and maintain a written Public Awareness Outreach Program for public education following the American Petroleum Institute’s (API) Recommended Practice (RP) 1162. As part of this program operator are required to identify all potential entities, the affected public such as residents and place of congregation (businesses, schools, etc.) along their pipeline and associated Right-of-Way (ROW). This collection of entities is an ever changing pool of resources that much be verified and updated on an ongoing basis to ensure the operator has the most up-to-date listing for their Public Awareness Outreach Program. Morris P. Hebert, Inc (MPH) has developed an Address Verification program that allows operator to randomly verify addresses associated with Public Awareness Outreach Program. The program allows operator to randomly pick locations along any pipeline in their system and then apply a Potential Impact Radius (PIR) by product to use as an Address Collection Zone for any address to be collected. These addresses identify location (x/y coordinates), street prefix, ascending/descending address direction, street suffix , alternate street names, city, state, zip code, along with a photograph of each structure captured. This data is passed back to our secure web-based program (88MPH) where this data is then QC’d for accuracy and verified that all required data has been captured. Once the data has been Approved, the data is made accessible to the operator for viewing and visual inspection on a daily basis.

If PHMSA contacted you concerning your Public Awareness Outreach Program how accurate will your addresses be?? Let MPH work with you to verify that your data is the most up-to-date listing possible.
For more information regarding MPH's Address Verification Process contact:
Micah J. Richie                                                                             



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