Gas Class/HCA Determination
MPH Gas Class/HCA software is designed to perform calculation of Class Locations (Figure 1) for gas transmission pipelines as defined in CFR 49 § 192.5 and determine High Consequence Areas (HCAs) (Figure 2) for gas transmission pipelines and Regulated Gathering using either Method 1 or Method 2 as defined in CFR 49 § 192.905. This automated process allows for faster more accurate results than possible with manual analysis. With the ability to save project parameter once the optimum results
have been achieved allows MPH to perform system wide analysis at a "click” of a button. This desktop analysis allows for "What if” scenarios to be run at will to determine how different project variables could after the results. The process allows MPH to fine tune an Operator's system variables for optimal
results prior to committing them. MPH can determine the "deltas” (Figure 3) between different runs such as this year's Class verses last year's run to determine what has changed for easy reporting.

 Figure 1 
Class Location Results

Fast, easy setup

Repeatable results

Run "What if” scenarios at will

Multiple data sources

"Delta” analysis   
 Figure 2 
HCA Gas Results
Method 1 or Method 2
Regulated Gathering System
Identified Site
Building Intended for Human Occupancy (BIHO)
Figure 3
 Delta Changes
Change Detection
Status Change - Deleted, New, Unchanged
Begin/End Stationing of Change

Once the Class/HCA process has been completed MPH can produce Reports compiling the results for easy review.

The Class Report (Figure 4) provide a Summary breakdown for total pipeline mileage by system ran, long with Class Location (with/without Clustering) for Class 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Class Location Event Stationing breakdown for each system processed.

Figure 4
Class Location ReportSystem By System Breakdown
Clustering/Unclustering Results If Desired
Class Breakdown By System in Both Feet and Miles
Class Event Stationing for the Entire Route

The HCA Report (Figure 5) provides a Summary breakdown for total pipeline mileage by system ran, along with HCA Mileage Summary by system in both feet and miles, also HCA Segment Event Stationing breakdown along each system.
Figure 5    
HCA Report
Total Miles Processed by System
HCA Summary Breakdown
Stationing Location Along Route
HCA Segment Provenance by Location
For more information regarding Gas Class Location/HCA Determination or to schedule a demonstration click HERE.



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