Morris P. Hebert, Inc. has been offering Professional Land Surveying Services since its establishment in 1980. Originally established by Morris Hebert with one office in Houma, LA to offer land surveying services in Southeast Louisiana, the company has grown to offer a variety of professional services including engineering, environmental and GIS services.

With offices in Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, and Midland, TX, MPH now offers these services throughout the continental United States.

Strong family values, honesty, integrity, education, hard work, and commitment are the principles that form the foundation of the company that now includes Morris' two sons and two daughters. These principles, coupled with an experienced and multifaceted professional services group, and the philosophy of providing client focused solutions have given MPH a solid track record of success on some of the most challenging engineering and construction projects.


From its modest beginnings with one Registered Land Surveyor and one field survey crew to the current staff of nearly two hundred employees, MPH continues to offer services in a professional, ethical, and cost effective manner.

For the first several years of business, the company focused on its primary services…surveying, mapping, and regulatory permitting. MPH's primary clients were exploration and production companies in the Oil & Gas industry, upstart energy and pipeline companies, local commercial interests and private individuals. MPH's growth was directly tied to the growth of the oil & gas and pipeline industries in Louisiana during the late 1980's and 1990's. It was not long before these industries provided the lion's share of the company's business.

Due to the up and down nature of the oil and gas industry, it became necessary to diversify to different industries and to offer additional services. MPH began to make contacts with and solicit business opportunities with government entities, including the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Fish & Wildlife Service, State of Louisiana and local governments. After successfully completing several Federal and State projects, the company began to focus of projects that directly impacted our local area of operations, namely, the coastal zone of Louisiana. Due to the severe loss of wetlands and damage to the barrier islands, MPH solicited and obtained numerous contracts with the State of Louisiana to provide land surveying, hydrographic surveying, engineering and GIS services for many coastal restoration studies and construction projects.

Throughout the years since the company founding, management has always had the focus of improving the quality of employees by providing them an opportunity to seek professional licensure, continue their education, and by hiring college graduates. Additionally, it was very important to keep up with technology by providing state-of-the art surveying equipment to our survey crews and computers and software to office technical personnel. Technology has allowed additional company growth to where it is today. The company provides a full range of Geographic Information System and Automated Hydrographic Surveying services to many of its pipeline, oil & gas, and government clients.

MPH continues to strive to be the best in its fields of expertise and to always provide CLIENT FOCUSED SOLUTIONS.



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